Annana Thaalaattum song lyrics – Maaran Movie – Dhanush

Annana Thaalaattum is a latest song from the movie Maaran. This song was sung by Singer and music was given by GV Prakash Kumar. Cast by Dhanush, Malvika Mohanan, Samruthirakani and Venkat. Music label by Lahari Music and T Series.

Annana Thaalaattum song Lyrics available in English. Music given by G V Prakash Kumar. lead role by Dhanush and Malvika Mohanan

Annana Thaalaattum song lyrics :

Annana thaalaattum annai madi neee
Chithira poove en chellamadi neee
Kannellaam neeyaagum kollai madhi neee
Kaalame ponaalum pillai mozhi neee

Hey… Simittum kanna paakaa
Kuduthu vachen naa
Enakku thandha vaazhkka
Unakku mattum Dhan

Thonayinnu naan solli kuda irrupen
Nejathula en thona nee dhaandi
Azhagu poo dhaandi
En raasathii

Un kannula lesa kanneraa
En kannu thoovum kadal neeraa
Korayaadha paasam oru aaraa
Dhenandhorum yerum pala nuraa

Thitti thitti naan konjam nadi chirup….
Thendral adichaa kuda thudi chirupen
Enna vida pala neram unna nenappen
Thoppul kodiyoda otti vandha poove
Ennuyire nee dhaandi

Annana thaalaattum annai madi neee
Chithira poove en chellamadi neee
Annana thaalaattum annai madi neee

Movie : Maaran
Song : Annana Thaalaattum Song
Music : GV Prakash
Cast : Dhanush and Malvika
Music Label : Lahari Music and T Series India
Official Partner : Disney+ Hotstar

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Rewant-closing Komatireddy Venkat Reddy at his residence on Tuesday

He questioned why there were double ten room riots in the rest of the constituencies.



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With the initiative of supremacy …

Komatireddy Venkatereddy openly said that Nia Mintaka did not come to meet him as TPCC president Rewanth Reddy and that he would not meet Tama. Komatireddy has not attended party meetings since then. Two or three days ago, as an MP, Komatireddy participated with CM KCR in the programs held in Janagama and Bhubaneswar. Janagama praised KCR on the occasion of the launch of the new Collectorate. This.





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The country needs KCR leadership to totally do this

Farmers’ Associations of several states

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Sakshi, Hyderabad: A group of farmers’ unions from various states have come to Telangana saying that the country needs Telangana Chief Minister KCR in the current situation and the time has come for him to lead the country. They called on the farmers to come forward to fight against the anti-farmer policies of the Modi government at the Center. Leaders spoke to reporters on the sidelines of the Kaleswaram project

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It is learned that orders have been received from the High Command to repeal the political debate in the background and give public signals that the two leaders will work together. With this, Rewanth’s move to Komatireddy’s residence became a priority. Meanwhile, Komatireddy, who is unhappy that he does not deserve the PCC presidency, is hoping for a key position in the AICC. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The discussion is going on in the Gandhi Bhavan circles that this was possible on the initiative of their superiors.

Farmers’ union leaders were angry that the central government was treating the farmers as idiots. They said they had been visiting the Kale Swaram project for two days. He praised the Kaleswaram project as one of the greatest in the world and said it was a great thing to build such a big project in three years. They were outraged that at least the first pay was not heard as they had repeatedly asked the Center on issues like setting up of yellow board and legitimacy for MSC. Narsimhan Naidu, Vice President, All India Yellow Farmers’ Association, VK Daivasigamani, Chairman, 108 Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Association, Shantakumar, President, Karnataka State Farmers’ Association, Vimal Kumar, General Secretaries, Ramesh Hunger, President, Tamil Nadu Agricultural Association, Rajaram, National Convener, All India Farmers Alliance; Tripari, BKU Haryana president Seva Singh, Mange Ram, Rambabu, Rajendran, TVS Nakpal and Shanmuga Sundaram were present.



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Said doing. He said that the Alluri Sitaramarajah Museum will be inaugurated on the day of Alluri Jayanti. The Center has also sanctioned 5 new museums in Telangana and 6 in AP. He said the decision to change the names of areas in the state or Hyderabad was not taken by the Yameedi Center.

Harish Rao on Reddy’s comments

Does not want to. In Amberpet itself … you have no moral right – fled without resigning in doing so.

Language .. BJP is the language of religious hatred.

With every mother, Chelly’s self-esteem was damaged.

Rayana is the only minister Harikirao to speak to the media to resign.

T. Harishirao called Kishan Reddy for some complex movement. Kishan Reddy, who has not resigned, tweeted that he would launch the Jai Andhra movement on December 8, 2011 in Kakinada as the joint AP BJP president. KCR campaigned in Nizamabad for Endalam Lakshminarayana, who is a candidate of another party to retain the Telangana manhood. In August 2019

Kishan Reddy O Gundu Zero ..

Without equalizing the movement Yanaku Telam should come near the moral merit of ‘martyrs. Telangana

Amberpeta Mahmood spoke. The Minister condemned the remarks made by Chief Minister Kishan Reddy on KCR language. ‘Casey Aridi is the language of the people and farmers .. India .. Pakistan is the language that creates hatred in the name of religions, Kishan Reddy who is mistaking the language of the Chief Minister .. BJP MLA Raja! What about Singh’s comments? Hyderabad. Kishan Reddy, who did not bring any new money from the Center during the floods. Are talking. Genama. Letters negotiation is one of the three irrigation projects in the state – if it does, it will not even achieve national status


Diki Central


Sena Tea


Home Minister Amit Shah described Telangana as a black day in the debate on Article 370 as a parliamentary platform. Recently, the Prime Minister did not respond to Telangana’s mistake. ‘Adi Rao joked.

Nreddy o shave zero. Who is the BJP leader who went to an unnamed parent and ate a biryani? It is sad that DK Aruna supports the remarks of Assam Chief Minister Hima Vishwasharma. It is evil to hurt the self-esteem of every mother and sister. Despite the new constitution distorting KCR’s comments on increasing the quotas of SCs, STs, BCs and minorities in 90 per cent of Telangana, there is a loss of Rs 5,000 crore due to cuts in SRBM limits for those who oppose power reforms, ‘said Harish Rao. TRS MLAs Venka Beti Subhashreddy, Venkateshwar Reddy, former Sitaram Nayak and others participated in the meeting.

Mahe if KCR touches

BJP leaders should apologize to people over power reforms: Minister Jagadish Reddy

Sakshi, Hyderabad: State Power Minister Guntakandla Jagadish Reddy has said that Kishan Reddy and BJP state president Bandi Sanjay are talking self-deprecatingly against Union Minister Janaki Yacha Jalo on issues like tightening of motors for pooji agricultural pump sets and lifting of gas subsidies in the name of power reforms. Eddewa said BJP leaders were talking about other issues as they could not answer questions raised by KCR on power reforms headed by the Center. BJP leaders on issues like MP Anuka Lingaya Yadav MLA Gadhari Kishorku on the feet of CM KCR Nippu)

Jagadee, who is with Lavaram TR Nasabha in the party along with Darreddy, said that the Center should put meters in our phases. He criticized the Center for rubbing power policy on the states. Representation of Guru BJP MPs in the state = National status for irrigation projects, funding, etc.

here and the steps being taken are said to be applicable to all other recipient states. He appealed to KCR to set up a water varsity in the state. ‘The supply of drinking water through pipes in every village by Mission Bhagiratha is enviable and gratifying. Nowhere in Telangana is water supplied to the people by tankers. That is why we have chosen Hyderabad for the National Conference. People need to be involved in the movement to create awareness on rivers, ”he said. Yadadri

Yadadri said the temple has been beautified in all respects and water is being supplied to the temple from three ponds. CM KCR described the country as a role model. Krishna, 5 Peni Godavari rivers under construction with gazette notification issued by the Center for takeover of 26 rivers. Shyam Prasad Reddy, general secretary of the Tiya Telangana Retired Engineers’ Association, expressed concern that the projects would be severely disrupted. Have done. The state government is spending Rs

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