Arabic Kuthu Song Lyrics – Beast Movie – Vijay Thalapathy

Arabic Kuthu is a latest song from the movie Beast. This song was sung by Singer Anirudh Ranvichander and lyrics was written by Shiva Karthikeyan. Music label by Sun TV.

Arabic Kuthu Song Lyrics :

Malama Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pitha Pithadhe
Mala Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pithadhe

Malama Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pitha Pithadhe
Mala Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pithadhe

Holi Holi Pakkathula Sirikkum Rangoli
Jolly Jolly Vekkathula Mayangura Doli

Gaali Gaali Mothathula Avanum Dhan Gali
Jolly Jolly Adipoli

Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vanthale
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vantha
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vanthale
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Habibo


Oh Cutie
Nee Sweaty
Un Beauty
Adhil Mati
Naa Mellamma Mellamma Gali
Adha Sollala Sollala Podii
Mudhal Vaati Padam Kaatii
Enna Vaati Kanna Kaati
Love-a Konjama Konjama yethii
Inna senjita Senjita Oruthi
Ivan Yaro Sokka Vachanaee
En Manasukulla Kuzhanthai Pola Konjikittanae
Love-a Vachanae Ivan Yaro Kick-a Vachanae
En Vayasukulla Mudhal Mazhaya Feel – aa Vachanae

Halamithi Habibo Halamithi
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi

Hey Beedha Balihabii
Balibaadhi Balihabii
Balihabeedhaa Balihabii
Vallae Vallae Balihabi

Hey Beedha Balihabii
Balibaadhi Balihabii
Balihabeedhaa Balihabii
Vallae Vallae Balihabii

Halwa ee Balihabeedhaa
ee Balihabeedha Halwa ee Balihabeedha
Eh Vanthaadhe ||2||

Holi Holi Pakkathula Sirikkum Rangoli
Jolly Jolly Vekkathula Mayangura Doli

Gaali Gaali Mothathula Avanum Dhaan Gaali
Jolly Jolly Adipoli

Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vanthale
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vantha
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vanthale
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Habibo….

Oh Cutie
Nee Sweaty
Un Beauty
Adhil Mati
Naa Mellamma Mellamma Gali
Adha Sollala Sollala Podi
MUdhal Vaati Padam Kaati
Enna Vaati Kanna Kaati
Love-a Konjama Konjama yethi
Enna senjita Senjita Oruthi
Ivan Yaro Sokka Vachanae
En Manasukulla Kuzhanthai Pola Konjikittanae
Love -aa Vachanae Ivan Yaro Kick- aa Vachanae
En Vayasukulla Mudhal Mazhaya Fee l-aa Vachanae

Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vanthale
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vantha
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Vanthale
Halamithi Habibo Halamithi Habibo….

Malama Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pitha Pithadhe
Mala Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pithadhe

Malama Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pitha Pithadhe
Mala Pitha Pithadhe Malama Pithadhe

Hey Beedha Balihabi
Balibaadhi Balihabi
Balihabeedhaa Balihabi
Vallae Vallae Balihabi

He Halamithi
Balihabeedhaa Balihabi
Halamithi Habibo

Thank You

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Everyone is fond of beyond

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Narayana, Sadalakshmi couple

Remember that Johnny did a lot of service

Former Chairman of SPSC Ghanta

Speaking .. Narayana, TN.

Statues on the Tank Bund

-Yalani, to Women’s University

-Request to name Lakshmi

= Legislators in the program

Kalaraj, Former Minister Geeta Reddy,

P Vivek, National SC Commission

Kalu Ramulu, former DGP Krishna

-AS Officer Vidyasagar, Dalit

JB Raju, Professor Entertainment

Belonging to several parties as well

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To hackers in the form of bitcoins .. Yanlu Dark 128 people were selected by Lucky and others to whom they kept the bank account details of those who hacked the Hyderabad flag. Account details of Sampath Kumar and Shanaz Begum for major hackers

Belonging to Diki

Agreement with three Nigerians. Lucky is involved in many cyber crimes. Takes over the darnet on the internet. Bought various data in it several times in the past. It was against this backdrop that one of the groups on Darnet last August and September threw down the gauntlet. He asked if there was anyone who could hack bank servers and loot chest accounts. Thus he was introduced to three Nigerians. They say that they have the ability to hack the server and that they will work if they pay a commission for the amount hit. Then a special key was created and sent to several banks in the form of e-mail. Nigerians are aware of the flaw in cybersecurity as it is easily accessible to Mahesh Bank computers and is stored in them.

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Government their colleges

Proposals for the idea of turning the government into an exercise in the establishment of engineering colleges

The college was soon upgraded to a women’s university

To do the above government

to be clear about how long it will take to achieve any goals. Marriage before and after the kid captures goals. There will be more education inflation than that. Fees are increasing every year. So take the future into consideration

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Has taken. Overa

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Payt Aymer Bahk

Pay All Paymen

He played only one match for Mumbai Indians in 2018. However, the BCCI then imposed a 16-year ban on him for misrepresenting his age. The Mumbai Indians took charge of him for two years and extradited Rasikh to Mumbai. It also played local matches, providing all the facilities and opportunities for practice. But when his name came up in the auction, Mumbai did not respond! మి Among those who came up for auction again at the end of the second day of the first day sale was David Miller for Rs. Valued at Rs 3 crore. The Gujarat Titans, who had not picked up a single wicket-keeper till then, picked up Wriddhiman Saha and Matthew Wade respectively. For Indian pacer Umesh Yadav, too, Rajasthan and Mumbai are looking at Rs. Taking Al Salam at the end is a Kolkata based scapegoat. 393 T20s combined with 146.35 straight


‘Small generation’

As it ended.

Any including Rennai


Alex Hales, who has a solid record of 9.346 runs, is back in the IPL after a long hiatus. Kolkata was able to get him for a small amount (Rs 50 lakh crore). England’s David Willie (Bangalore: Rs 2 crore) became the last player to be auctioned off this season. కుమారుడు Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar joins Mumbai Indians Gooty again as everyone expected. Rs. As Mumbai prepared to take on Mumbai for Rs 20 lakh base press, the Gujarat team lifted the pad and raised Rs 5 lakh. With that Ambani, Zaheer is like this. Looking at Ashish Nehra Vijay with a smile like that … once again lifting the pad Mumbai Rs. Taking lakhs has gone awry.

‘We want anonymous

Sunrisers Hyderabad Auction Style

Witness Sports Department

What is Sunrisers Hyderabad doing at IPL auction venue?

Bholaram, a disciple of Lord Ramadan, accompanied him during his stay in the Lord’s Day area for the work he did without the famous spiritual master Ramadan. A climber is on his way to Kashipatna with his disciples. Calling Bholaram, he said, “I am going to Kali. Here is the Sitaramulu temple. Make sure that all the worship here is done according to the rules.

There is no such thing as immediate retaliation. A lamp is lit in the street. It illuminates a hundred people. A swindler threw a stone and smashed it. That lamp went out. Now that lamp will light up anyway. Annoyingly Libran – always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense. The lamp is gone. Bega for a hundred people. It’s the same with God.

When Bolaram could not hear how hot Sitaram was .. he immediately started bowing his head. – Lakshma came with Sitarams in that temple and chanted the material in the expanse. Bholaram Do Weep Again, there are also idols of Hanuman. Started. Asked what again. If you eat whole .. According to the rules of fear, what is the offering that all teachers give me to eat? I’m hungry .. said. Is doing just that. In front of the idols, an expansive Seetamma comforted Atlee and asked her if there was any Atlapindi there. I will not eat without putting him .. You find the temple

. Would stay here. Do as you say ”.

Promised. The teacher was gone.

The one who goes and reports all the materials on time. Then he would come for a while and take the offerings that were scattered there. Bholaram had a desire to be like that. Sitarams wanted to see closer while eating. Spread out as usual that day and serve with all the ingredients ….

“Are you going to make an offering every day … If you want to see if you are eating, come and sit down … Eat now.” There is no movement in the idols of Sitaram. Asked again .. begged. Our teacher told you to put it on. Hence the name. Do you eat every day? Why not? The original

Tell me if you want to eat. If you do not eat, I will talk to our teacher. If I put rice to Sitarams I would not. If you ask them why they did not put rice .. what should I say … he asked meaningfully .. However

The idols are the same .. God if you believe, stone if you do not believe, that’s all. Believe

Stay tuned …. just go to Kashi and feed our guru … Hanuma Bholaram was escorted to the guru in Kashi in a matter of moments. Do not think that this is a glorious myth. Not to say that aiming at the teacher means it should be so. Niki is told this story .. Baddena says “Mirakumi guruvula .. I mean this.

There is also no greeting. The mind does not go anywhere. Stay here and be aloe about what. There we have to understand one thing. The mind is so full of uncontrollable. We identify ourselves with these. But it is not right .. The mind should always be pure and serene. Only then can we remain calm.

Fantastic for those who do

The kingdom

Ramchada is set to release in Rajahmundry under the direction of Hero Ramdaran Da.

-As a happy day release, Pallavi sang a beautiful song for me, Badellu Antuku. But. Pallavi Nikhila rumor that Pallavi says he is asleep knows some of Pallali’s comments – more interesting things like this were shared exclusively with ‘Sakshi’ TV during the day. Nikhil – Pallavi.

Watch Sakshi TV this afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

The average person goes to jail because of an emcee. Then his


How much did the family members suffer? How did he get out of jail better? How did he stand up for those who were languishing in prison without committing any crime like his own? Sannaf India will be ‘Sannaf India’ with the storyline, “said hero Manchu Mohan Babu.” Sannaf India is a film directed by Diamond Ratnababu and starring Mohan Babu in the lead roles. The film is produced by Manchu Vishnu.

It will be released on the 18th of this month. Mohandabu with reporters on the occasion

Shared news ..

Everyone loves Sannaf India.

It has been almost three years since Sannap India started. Diamond Ratnababu told a different story when he told this “movie story”. It looked great. Our teacher (Dasari Narayana Rao) also did a lot of experimentation. Our film will be liked by all, including the youth. ‘Sannaf India was initially shot for OTT.

To me in every political party

Have relatives and friends. Lasima is known to have been associated with AP Minister Perchi Nanny for over ten years. Minister Botsa Satyanarayanagari boy) Nani at the wedding, I met. I encountered him in the early days of his home for Breakfast. I invited the truth. Arrived. The two had fun talking but about the meeting with CM Jagan Gari. Created. Vishnu’s tweet congratulating Nanny was also misplaced.


Sumant Hero Kumar Directed by Tease Kirti Kuma

From 5

9 Mohan Babu

Let’s get back into politics, we are the golden Telugu language but we are not interested in being toxic to the film industry. This is not the case. I am buying it in Tirupati. AP CM Jagan Mohan యాAs dialects may differ in areas but no discussion took place. Let’s meet occasionally. Reddy, Nooji CM Chandrababu Naidu but the language is the same, we thought in India. That’s all .. I have all kinds of news on it so I campaigned responsibly in the election on behalf of my relatives. Now I movies. Sri Vidyaniketan Amrish Purigaru congratulated me.

I am.

Yadu ‘is the person who has shown the most mannerisms as the villain of my career. I am an actor in this regard. My very diverse character Dieters and Expressions in this movie are appreciated by all. Everyone enjoys my role. In the community

Those who commit murders and rapes should be buried. What if there are private schools, hospitals, people, planes and even private prisons in the society? The question is “Stunnam. * I have two stories ready to direct … I was scared of where I would have to hit those who did not come during the filming time when the film was being made. The book I was writing about my life had to be completed. I have no plans to do a film with my biopile at the moment. Sai Baba temple in Tirupati with four and a half crores to make a movie with Vishnu too

We are building. Begins in April or May.

The upcoming movie ” Truth of Life ” directed by Kosa Ramesh and starring Kiran and Sara is Satya

Sanjay Ra

Suspense thriller

Tease Kirti Kumar

Produced by Narayana, the film opens in Hyderabad. Kalavedika chairman Katti Mandapratap switched on the camera and clapped for the muhurta scene. Kosa Ramesh was the honorary director of the first scene. “Inspired by Tanikella Bharanigari, the film is shaping up to be a director’s suspense thriller,” he said. Ramesh “Single schedule we want to finish our movie shooting” Producers, Sanjay, Music Director Mohankumar, Civil participated.

Sanjay, Sara

wood eddat

Section to achieve

Named in. Hi intrest law ostriches are about things like mountains


Should be impossible. The same

Particles need to be practiced.


14 manager posts

Education, job information

Must be technically notest. మధ్య Between years following Mu – Selection Procedure Policing, e

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Safety Officer Dental Technician MRA Technician, CT Technician, O Aristint Dark Room Assistant, Eligibility as Eighth Generation: Diploma B.Sc.

Must pass Yate degree. Must have experience in related work. Must be registered with the AP Panamedical Board. Age: Must be between 18 and 42 years old.

* Salary is Rs. 12,000 to Rs.37,100. * Selection Procedure: Passed in the qualifying examination.

ICAR seeks neurology-rhetics (report), project stop posts’ accounts. 4. Total number of posts 15

Selected on the basis of merit marks, experience, Rule of Revision. • Application Procedure: Apply offline

Have to make. Application to Superintendent, GGH, Anantapur, AP Last date for applications: 14.02.20

Senior Research on the details of these posts

Website: Must have Batters Degree, Post Graduation, Ente, Masters Degree Experience in Subjects Age 21 to 50 years Drug

Page MER, Chandigarh: Senior Resident Posts

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (CGER) Senior Resident Posts in Chandigarh

Salary: Rs. 1000 to 25.0 HD is specified. Should be.

Requesting applications. Total number of posts

Selection Procedure Line Interview

-Qualification: Must have passed MS in General Surgery following the posts.

Age: Must not exceed 45 years. Selection Procedure: Walkin will be selected on the basis of interview.

Send to MAR Plot No. Peta Cox Area-1A Newtown, Rajarhat, 708015. Last date for: 01.03.20422

Departments: General Medicine Dermatology, Orthopedics Biology, BB Chest Anesthesia General Surgery etc. * Relevant special following post of eligible post

Tijeshan “Post Graduation Degree / Diploma Our Deepam (MD / DSL / MCH must have experience in related work. Must be between 45 and 67 years of age.

Self: Rs.17,730 to Rs. Up to Rs 2,40,000 lakh. Selection Procedure:

Here is the procedure: Apply online through Deputy General Coal India Limited “Coal Bhav

Selected based on interview. * Application Procedure: Apply by e-mail.

Email: * Last date for applications: 15.02.2021. * Website

31 teaching and non-teaching posts

2. Medical posts in GH, Kurnool:

Paloni Film and Television Institute of India (STII) is seeking applications on contract basis for the recruitment of Teering and Non-Teaching posts in various departments. Total number of posts 31

The government medical education department is seeking medical posts on a contract ig basis at the government hospital in Aloni.

* Details of posts; Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Assistant, Sound Rica Medical Officers

Source No. 12 Four Lab Technician, Haider Assistant A * Departments: Art Direction, Cinematography, Film Gamen Speech Therapist, Physicist Visist Perfunist, Prosta

Production Screenwriting, Editing, Video Editing, IT Manager, Academic Coordinator, Film Research Officer, Sound Recordist, Following Class X, BAMS etc. Qualification: Relevant

Venue: Sir-Shanal Off

Dallo Diploma, B.Sc, Kulavvali. AP must be a paramedic.

Candidates should have passed Degree / Diploma / Masters Degree, BA MS, MBBS. Must have the required technical knowledge along with teaching experience in the relevant field.

* Application Procedure: Online * Deadline for online applications: 2

Warren Date: 23.02,3012

The venue is the Office of Atrocities. Professor-Head Department of General Surgery. Room No.16. F-Block, Fifth Fur, Nehraka Hospital, PGVMTR, Randigarh Website:

Should be between good waters. Age Achieved in Eligibility Test: Not to exceed 63 years .. Experience, Selected as Rule of Riz.

Salary ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1,16,398 per month depending on the post. * Selection Procedure: Selection will be based on online interview.

The Government Medical College in Ampuram District of the Government of Pradesh is seeking applications to fill the vacancies on contract outsourcing basis.

No: The application form should be sent offline to the Superintendent “Government General Hospice.

23 faculty posts in NID, Madhya Pradesh

* Interview dates: From March 08, 2012

The National Institute of Design (NID) in Madhya Pradesh is seeking applications for replacement of factory posts on contract basis (Total number of posts: 23).

Total number of posts: 15 Post Details Physician / Nuclear-01, Radiographer-01, Bank –

Whose date: 1502,2002

* Application

Wiki plants paid

Police place without inconvenience

Afterwards Medaram went to Ibayalderi.

MLA Sita presenting the invitation letter

Inter-district thief

4 394 grams of gold,

2.28 kg silver, two cars seized 9 cellphones

Tajipet Urban: Warangal Police Commissionerate area, no theft in the surrounding areas. CP Tarun Joshi said that an inter-district thief has been arrested. Warangal Police. He disclosed the details at a press conference on Sunday at the Commissionerate office. East Prasad alias Jagan hails from VM Banjara, Khammam district and currently resides in Jeedimet, Hyderabad. Working as a daily laborer, he waved to jalsas and businesses. In this order the mercenaries started committing thefts in the joint district, Khammam districts from 2012 onwards. Has been involved in 9 thefts so far. He was repeatedly arrested by police and taken to jail. Although he was released from prison in March 2021, he has not changed. Warangal Police Commissionerate and Rachakonda Police


Police on Sunday raided the Warangal Julian Market on the accused along with a torchlight procession of Rabad along with Prasad to pick up fake jewelery. According to the information provided by Vaddepalli Cross Road, CCS. Police raided and detained him. The accused pleaded guilty to theft. 334 grams of gold worth Rs. Silver jewelery, two cards, were seized and Rini was arrested along with the accused, he said. Every Pushpareddy. ACPs, Baburao, Srinivas, Srinivasa Rao, Mahenderreddy, SP Sampathkumar, AAO ASE, Head Constables

CP Tarun Joshi examining jewelery

Reddy Party

Tori was convicted of targeting locked houses within the commissionerate. Prasad committed 18 thefts at Mills Colony, Kazipeta and Intekarganj police stations, two at Narsampet, one each at Hanumakonda, KUC, Mulkanur, Raghunathapally, Janagama, Yadagirigutta and Suryapeta PS. Centralton DCP

Haida used to keep a small amount of stolen gold and silver jewelery with her and sell the rest to Jyotula Jyoti and Vadde Balaji of Rabad. The alert Warangal Commissionerate Police Central.

Science ILLE governing all fields

• Minister Errabelli Dayakarrao సన్ Tribute to the student

Hanmakondu: State Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao said that science is governing all sectors in the modern way of life. The future of the tenth grade student at the Bu Hanumakonda Raman School specializes in preventing infectious diseases during the outbreak of Kovid-19.

Wins National Level Inspire Manak Award at Science Fair. Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao on Sunday inaugurated the award-winning student Bhavita at the camp office in Hanumakonda. Honored. On this occasion, he said that Matla Dutu is always presenting new discoveries to the science community. In this order the student ownership and staff were greeted by the ministers from the school level to the scientific ava. Rajesh, the school’s school correspondent, said it was their responsibility to promote the program. School teachers, Purushottam, teachers participate

Minister honoring the future

Drinking water facility at Railway Stadium

Diary, calendar that

Kazipeta Rural: During the Medaram fair, a drinking water facility was provided at the Peta Railway Stadium on Sunday under the auspices of the Kazipeta Residents and Women’s Club. RTC Assistant Manager Usharani, Kata Vasavi Club President M. Sampath Matla Kutu Medaram for devotees from 13th to 17th of this month

Warangal Urban: Resident club members and RTC officials unveiling the Tsara diary and calendar at Maya Rizwana Shamim’s main function at the Warangal District and Drugist Welfare Association = Railway Stadium. President Koteshwara Rao, Ajna Rao, Secretary Chukkareddy, Organizing Secretaries Sandeep were present on the occasion.

Free mineral water will not be distributed till. The event was attended by Vasavi Vanitha Club Honorary Guest Gampa Sambamurthy, Club Members Chandrasekhar, Sridevi, Suryaprakash, Club Secretary Bhikshapati, Ashok, Ashok, Prabhakar, Raghu, Kishore, Bhavani, RTC Caretaker Bairi Ravinder.

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