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Oliver Velez is a famous stock market trainer, Youtuber and Day trader. He a intraday trader, he do trades mostly based on price action and Simple Moving Averages. His most of the trades are trend continuous trades. In his YouTube channel, mostly he explained the trading psychology. Psychology is the most important thing in trading career. People who understand the market psychology, they will only success in the stock market. People who came to stock market with gambling mindset, they will their loose entire capital.

Oliver Velez Course:

Oliver Velez have more than 25 years of experience. He is a professional trader, trained more than 9000 people and changed their trading life. His trades are mostly based on the moving averages like EMA 20 and 200 EMA. He maintains good risk reward, that’s why he became successful.

You can download Oliver Velez course here👇🏻

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