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Pakka Commercial Title Song Lyrics – Pakka Commercial Movie – Gopichand

    Pakka Commercial Title song is a latest song from the movie Pakka Commercial. This song was written by Siri vennela sitarama Shastri. This movie was directed by Maruti. Cast by Gopichand. Music label by Aditya Music.

    Pakka Commercial Song Lyrics :

    Air free aa.. No
    Fire free aa.. No
    Niru free aa l.. No
    Nuvvu nilucunna janedu jaga free aa ra
    No no no
    Pakka Commercial… Hey

    Janminchina maraninchina avada kharchu
    Jevinchadam adugaduguna karche karchu
    Tappu tappu antava anakudadu antava
    Entha mathukoni chebutunna chevi pettanu antava
    Vithanikunde vaibhavam mana mana jagathilo em untundhi ra
    Paikaniki lokam banchan antu
    Saradaga paduthu untundhi ra

    Pakka pakka pakka
    Pakka Commercial
    Sukka mukka pakka
    Anni Commercial ye

    Note ye Leni votu untundudha
    Paisa lekunte pavaruntundha
    Dhanam kani darmam kani
    Karche lekunda ayipotundha
    Dandam tho saripesthunte punyam vaccheatunda
    Hundiki antho intho rate ye katanidi
    Nithulu rase pusthakamaina
    Uchithanga icchesthara
    Fees ivvanidhe swamulu saitham
    Free ga devinchesthara
    Vyavaharalanni vyaparalega
    Geethopadeaham idekkada
    Adi smaristhu taristhu
    Vijayalanu pondu

    Pakka pakka pakka
    Pakka Commercial
    Sukka mukka pakka
    Anni Commercial ye

    Macholanni chedollani
    Tedaloddu ayinollaki kanollaki
    Okate paddu
    Chippa chetilo pette
    GopPA sangathuloddu manaku
    Kotla sommu kudabettu
    Adi kotu Naina konipetuu
    Aa kallakemo ganthalundi
    Anyam ayina chudoddu antu
    Avakashale yedurocchayante
    Rendu chetulatho kollagottu

    Pakka pakka pakka
    Pakka Commercial
    Sukka mukka pakka
    Anni Commercial ye

Pakka Commercial movie

    Song : Pakka Commercial Title Song
    Singers :
    Music : Siri vennela Sita Rama Shastri
    Lyrics :
    Label : Aditya music.

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