Palarathi Shilpama Mardala Song Lyrics – Folk Songs

Palarathi Shilpama Mardala Song is a famous folk song on YouTube. This song has over 50k views on YouTube. This song lyrics available in Telugu. This song written and directed by Parvathi Mahesh and music by GL Namdev. Cast by Jhanvi Reddy and Parvathi Mahesh. DOP and Editing by Pakki Gallam. Camera by Praveen Gallam … Read more

Sitta Sittenda Kotte Song Lyrics – Folk Song

Sitta Sittenda Kotte song is a famous folk song on YouTube. Sitta Sittenda Kotte song lyrics in both Telugu and English. This song was written and directed by Parusharam Nagam and sung by Boddu Dilip Kumar and music was given by Praveen. Tune by Mallavva and DOP and editing by Shiva Kumar. The technical support … Read more