Top 10 Lyrical Websites in Telugu

There are many websites are providing Telugu songs lyrics. We have pick some websites for you where you can find almost all Telugu songs lyrics.

1. 10to5

10 to is a famous Telugu lyrical website. Here you can find almost every Telugu move song lyrics in both English and Telugu. This website is also provides Kannada songs lyrics, Hindi songs lyrics and Malayalam songs lyrics. This website is ranked around 2000 in Alexa traffic rank.

2. Lyrics Telugu

Lyrics Telugu .in is one of the best Telugu lyrical website site. You can find here only Telugu songs lyrics. In this website there are no other language songs lyrics was available. This site is ranked around 7000 in Alexa Traffic rank in India.

3. Lyrics Raag

Lyrics raag is a very good site where you can find Telugu lyrics site. This site will also provides hind movie songs lyrics, Tamil Movie songs lyrics. This site rank in Alexa Traffic rank is Around 8000.

4. Got my Lyrics

Got my Lyrics is one of the best website for Telugu movie songs lyrics. This site is also provides various languages songs lyrics like Kannada songs lyrics, Malayalam songs lyrics and hindi songs lyrics. This site rank is around 8500 in Alexa Traffic Rank.

5. Topicable

Topicable is a one of the unique site where you can find mostly Telugu folks songs and some popular Telugu movie songs.This website is provides unique content as well. This site rank is around 23,000 is in Alexa Traffic rank.

6. Telugu Lyrics Guru

Telugu lyrics Guru is a Telugu lyrical website. This site also. Provides other language songs.

7. Song lyrics Telugu

They posts Telugu songs lyrics mostly. Here you will find almost all songs lyrics

8. Lyrics Goo

This site is mixed type content. They will also. Proved Telugu songs lyrics.

9. Kok Lyrics

Kok lyrics is also provides Telugu songs lyrics and they are also posts English and Hindi songs lyrics.

10. Lyrics Ram

Lyrics is ram is the site where you find mostly Hindi Songs lyrics. But they also posts some Telugu songs lyrics

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But the rush of arrests …

Stopped ‘warehouse robbery’

* Second target, APDs plan to rob warehousing company * Academy case soon

As the arrests begin

Stopped affair

Sakshi, Hyderabad: It is clear that a gang led by Sai Kumar, who laundered Rs 64 crore in fixed deposits related to the Telugu Academy, was looking for Rs 3.98 crore in FDs belonging to the Telangana State Warehousing Corporation. CCS U.S. Commissioner of Police Gajrao Bhopal on Saturday arrested Sheikh Mustan Wali, a former manager of Union Bank, a key accused in the warehousing case, whose arrests were triggered by the arrests in the first scandal shortly before the second came to fruition. The gang led by Saikumar had collected and kept the SDs belonging to the warehouse company through Venkataramana at the time of looting the cash of the SCs of Telugu Aka Kramini, which were handed over to the banks and handed over to Swami Patrika.






Asset attachment process coming soon.

We have seized Rs 4.43 crore in cash from the accused in the Telugu Academy case. In addition to these, a house being built by Venkataramana for 41 cents in Tanuku, another bank manager Sadhana Shivarampally, a villa in Visakhapatnam, a plot, a backyard, an apartment, a penthouse and 18 acres of land bought by Saikumar were seized. This place is in dispute. These assets are preparing to make an attachment soon. Are doing. – K. Manoj Kumar, ACP

The academy scam took place before the money could be spent. Mustan Wali, who was released on bail on Thursday in the case, was arrested by the CCS police on Saturday, while another Nim Ditu Nanduri Venkataraman was granted bail on Friday in the warehouse case. Timely information to CCS police from prison authorities. Not received. Venkataramana and Sai Kumar were released shortly before the authorities arrived at the jail on Saturday morning. CCS police are on the lookout for those who narrowly escaped.

Strict action if abusive behavior towards tribal women

Tribal Welfare.

Minister Satyavathi Rathore

– Inquiry into the incident beyond women on the orders of the Minister

5. Hyderabad / Mulakalapalli: Tribal Welfare Minister Satyuvathi has lashed out at the government for dressing up tribal women and then those who behave indecently. Bhadradri Kothaguddy District Mulakalapalli Mandal Rachan Yamlo Adivan Keera at Van Goodem

Bhadrachalam ITDA has appointed Bhadrachalam ITDA as the project’s investigating officer. With this, Kalapalli tehsildar Veerabhadram along with ITDA officials questioned the forest personnel who are accused in the attack incident. The victim women lodged a complaint with the police and filed a petition with the tehsildar alleging injustice.

Decreased stone structures after the 17th century

Historic shrines built of stone can be seen in any village in the Telugu states. Satavahanas start. Up to the Yulu and Vijayanagara kings, all structures were made of stone and the technology of Nirma Kanji was used to make kangu lime mixture but it was not used until the binding between the stones. Some large stone temples were erected in the 17th century after the Vijayanagara Empire defeated the Deccan Sultan in the 16th century. The Jataprolu colonists built the Madanagopala Swamy Temple locally. Manchalakatta Madhavaswamy temples were built on the banks of the Krishna. Dulli 3. Centuries later in 1910 the Vanaparthi colonists built the Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangapuram near Sebber with stone. But it’s the only one that is small. The temple and the Jataprolu temples are the largest and most complete stone masonry after all. Contrary to the traditional style of the Telugu region.

నాడారు. The Sri Ramanuja millennium celebration is going on in another 12 days. The festivities will be held from February 2 to 14. They are a 210-foot statue of Bari Ramanuja in the hands of Prime Minister Modi

చిక్కకుండా ..


నీ Tony, the drug peddler who set up the network, has 10 of those agents. All of them are from Mumbai

Not so much used for yala construction. The money is in the agents’ account after the drugs are sold

. Transactions through the Western Union

It didn’t happen big. Later colonies. Drug smuggling from Nigeria .. Captains of cooperating ships

Sakshi, Hyderabad: Nigeria’s key links are coming to light in the case of Tony, an international smuggler from Nigeria who was smuggling drugs into several metro cities and living in Mumbai. As if Ithaca had set up a solid network for his danda. The Nai police investigation revealed that Vajra was staying in the Andheri East area of Mumbai and was dealing with about 10 agents. Panjagutta wants court to probe Anuma Ti and take him into custody


The police decided. Giving agents up to Rs 30,000 per month .. Tony sells the drug at a higher rate than other peddlers

However, the police found that the customers were continuing to deal with him with the intention of providing quality, trust and on time. He hires agents to do what he tells them to do without revealing his presence to customers and gives them commissions of Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 a month. It is known. All these agents are doing small chores in Mumbai and Tone is sending goods to the respective cities with orders coming through social media. Agents book a room in Oyo and buy tickets that do not come with each “agent with up to 100 grams of drug samsanadu water, going to the worst cities in 8 states, including Hyderabad.



Huge temples with stones after three centuries: Construction of the millennium shrines of Yadadri Ramanuja. Yadagirishu Temple is a complete black stone structure with thousands of sculptors who have been marveling at the traditional style

The main temple in Ramanuja’s courtyard is built of stone. The manner in which they are made surprises. Those walls, ramparts, towers, are the same. All are hooked. The reason is that everything is air. In the 17th century, after the construction of the Jataprolu ham, the Telugu-again stone structures at that level, then the use of cement. But again, to the eyes of the abbura of the day – huge stone structures are made of itu yadadri .. Atu Sri Rama Abdi premises. Prana prestige for the orthodox contact system

Sculptors made miracles by stacking heavy stones when Nika had no knowledge but today there is no need for anything other than temples now. Goddess of the work of the day. But on these two they gave the heirs of the sculptors of the day. Yadadri and Rama showed almost 5,000 marvelous works in the temples. Black stone for everyone

-Yard Ashram Pradesh CM

Mera used it. Various stones for shrines in the Rajasthan marupul (black chalu charu. Temples in Kanchipuram area

Arrest rush .. Stopped ‘warehouses’

Built. For this purpose, quarries in the Guddepalli area of Prakasam district have been selected by winding various areas for fine granite. About 86 thousand tons of black stone were collected. Up to Rs 48 crore was spent for this. The stone is carved and the sculptures, the engravings, the wall stones .. like. Used in a variety of ways. A total of 10 lakh cubic feet for the Yadadri temple

Ramanuja millennium complex A light pink sandstone in the Bansipahadur region of Rajasthan for the 54-foot-tall Bhadrapeetha below the 216-foot-tall statue of Ramanuja

“It simply came to our notice then

Ramanuja’s Premises

Used. It was engraved and set on fire by Mount Abu. Samatamoorthy 108 Divyadesha Mandira Ralayas in the vicinity of Martur

Used. Divya maa kakatiya style pillars

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